Welcome to my blog about politics, policy, and social media.  I’ve been on Twitter since January 2012, but I realized that sometimes 140 characters or less just doesn’t cut it.  For the most part, I’m using this blog in conjunction with Twitter, which means that most of my posts here will be about current events.  Additionally, I needed a place to discuss my thoughts on articles from journals, organizational reports, etc., and so from time to time, you’ll see those as well. Since most of my time, however, is devoted to teaching high school history and government, I usually post only once or twice a month.  If, for some strange reason, somebody out there in cyberspace actually reads my blog and feels compelled to leave a comment, just make sure that it is appropriate.  Oh, and the “K” in my last name is pronounced.

Thanks for reading,
Jason L. Knoll

Email: jasonlknoll@gmail.com

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    • Thanks for the info. I just did a cursory search about whether or not bike boxes actually improve safety for bicyclists, and it seems the verdict is still out. At least municipalities are thinking of ways to improve safety for cyclists.

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