I’ve been teaching social studies at Verona Area High School (WI) since the 2002-2003 school year.  In addition to teaching, I’m also an education consultant, and I was a Dane County Board Supervisor from 2018-2020.  Prior to teaching, I spent eleven years in the military.  If you would like more specifics about what I’ve done over the course of my career, feel free to visit my LinkedIn profile.

My areas of expertise are the European Union, transatlantic relations, and the Sustainable Development Goals.  As such, most of my posts are about those topics.

Finally, the “K” in my last name is pronounced.

Thanks for reading,
Jason L. Knoll


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    • Thanks for the info. I just did a cursory search about whether or not bike boxes actually improve safety for bicyclists, and it seems the verdict is still out. At least municipalities are thinking of ways to improve safety for cyclists.

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