So You Want to Re-Open Schools?

For all those people out there pushing for schools to re-open-

Since you support education so much, I expect:

1) nothing less than your full, vocal support for public education (increased funding, smaller class sizes, better pay for staff, collective bargaining rights, no standardized tests, etc.);

2) an increased effort on your part to support your child’s learning and be involved with their school (volunteer in the classroom or field trips, fundraisers, family nights, etc.);

3) more people to get their teaching licenses (we have sub shortages, and with smaller class sizes we need more teachers);

4) letters, emails, and phone calls to elected officials at levels supporting an increase in public spending on services such as public transportation, childcare, and family and medical leave; legislation to end child poverty (around 20% in the US); and legislation to end food insecurity (over 11 million children in the US struggle with hunger).


A public high school teacher


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