Workers of Wisconsin, Unite

As I’ve followed the past week’s protests at the WI state capitol concerning, AB 61, the “Right to Work” bill, I thought back to the 2011 protests.  That year, I was the vice-president of our union, and I remember my email being flooded the weekend after Gov. Walker introduced the now-infamous legislation regarding collective bargaining.  I spent the weekend reading the proposed legislation and wrote a speech to give that Monday in front of the Joint Committee on Finance.  The next two days of protests were electrifying, and I was proud to have been part of them.

Fast forward to today, to the Public Hearing on AB 61.  My Twitter feed blew up with commentary about testimonies, and it made me nostalgic about my testimony.  I searched through WisconsinEye and eventually found it.  I was unable to embed it into this post, so you’ll have to click on this link, choose the video that’s almost 17 hours in length, and fast forward to 3:21:47.  If I seem bouncy, it’s because I was both nervous and excited.

If you have any thoughts on my testimony or the current “Right to Work” bill, feel free to leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading.


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