Madison Mayoral Candidates on the Web

Just as an FYI, here are the websites and social media accounts as of January 12, 2015, for the Madison mayoral candidates (in alphabetical order):

Richard Brown
Website: Richard Brown for Mayor
Facebook: Richard Brown for Mayor
Twitter: @RichardVBrown1

Christopher Daly
Website: Christopher Daly for Mayor of Madison
Facebook: Daly4Mayor2015
Twitter: @Daly4Mayor2015

Bridget Maniaci
Website: Bridget for Madison
Facebook: bridgetformadison
Instagram: bridgetformayor
Twitter: 1) @BridgetForMayor and 2) @BridgetManiaci

Scott Resnick
Website: Scott Resnick for Mayor
Facebook: Resnick for Mayor
Twitter: @sjresnick

Paul Soglin
Website: Paul Soglin for Mayor
Facebook: Paul Soglin for Mayor
Twitter: 1) @Paulsoglin and 2) @MayorOfMadison

I’ve also created a list of all the Twitter accounts.  Update, Feb 18, 2015: Now that the primaries have taken place and the candidates are down to two, I have removed the others from the Twitter list.

Note: I will update this page if a candidate changes or adds accounts.


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