Summer of Maps

If you love maps, then you had a good summer because there were a number of stories floating around the web containing various kinds of maps.  As such, I thought it would be useful to put some of the more interesting ones here.

40 Maps That Explain the World— The maps that I found to be particularly interesting were: #2 (Where people are the most and least welcoming to foreigners), #12 (Who loves and hates America), #19 (Economic inequality around the world), #30 (What Europeans think about the European Union), and #33 (The nuclear powers, after the Cold War).

The Racial Dot Map— This one should lead to some discussions about race and segregation.

My Passport to Europe— As someone who has a keen interest in the EU, I used this website to teach my children a little bit about European countries.

Mapping Stereotypes— A tongue-in-cheek collection of maps. The map of “The World According to Americans,” was unfortunately spot on. There are also plenty of maps of “Europe according to (insert country here).”

Every Protest on the Planet since 1979— The timeline in the lower right-hand corner starts automatically, so be ready.

40 Maps They Didn’t Teach You in School— I’m most curious about “United States According to Autocomplete.”

While many of these maps contain a certain amount of humor or require a thick skin, there are some in these collections that will hopefully lead to some interesting discussions.  If there are any in the above selections that you find particularly interesting, feel free to leave a comment.


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